Monday, January 15, 2018

Bortnem Bash at the Nunda Bar and Grill

Descendants of the Richard and Soren Bortnem families had a good time during the Bortnem Bash at the Nunda Bar and Grill last January 5th (First Friday). With my two daughters, Erin and Elizabeth, and granddaughter, Jordyn, three generations of the Soren Family were there. A special treat for me was to meet Rad Bortnem and his bride, Julie, representing a younger generation of the Richard Bortnem family. The reserved table was not quite large enough, but we kept shuffling and adding more chairs as more Bortnem’s came in from the cold. The service was amazing, and the Indian Tacos had no end!
Among the many topics of conversation, the question arose: when will be the next Big All Family Reunion? A poll was taken around the table on a scrap of paper from Russell’s shirt pocket. One suggestion I liked was “every February 29th (starting 2020) to be held in Norway. What was favored in the poll was to have the next Big Reunion in 2020 and then every five years, so the year always ends in either “0” or “5”.
Where there was absolutely no disagreement: the next Bortnem Bash at the Nunda Bar and Grill will be held on the First Friday in March, 3/2/2018, to celebrate the birthdays of Bortnems born under the sign of Pisces.

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